GISRUK 2010 abstract submissions

7 12 2009

Well we’ve just pushed past 100 abstracts submitted for the next GISRUK conference at UCL next April. We defined several themes in line with the interests of UCL, the London location for the conference and the “Global Challenges” overall theme. This is how the abstracts have split out:

  • Crime and Place (7 submissions)
  • Environmental Change (6 submissions)
  • Geodemographics and population (8 submissions)
  • Human-Computer Interaction, Usability and Geovisualisation (8 submissions)
  • Intelligent Transport (6 submissions)
  • London as a global city (4 submissions)
  • Migration and Identity (1 submissions)
  • Open GIS and Volunteered Geographic Information (9 submissions)
  • The geoweb and neo-geography (13 submissions)
  • Public Health and Epidemiology (8 submissions)
  • Simulation and Modelling (27 submissions)
  • Other (5 submissions)

We’ll actually close the submission tomorrow (as I write), 7th December, so if you’ve a paper ready to go, there’s still the chance to get in there! It seems that webGIS in its various forms is a popular topic still.




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