24 09 2009

The AGI Soapbox has happened. Now of course I’m biased, but it seemed to go off pretty well. A room full of folks (and their ononmies), armed with geobeers and 10 presentations from souls brave or foolhardy enough to risk this format. I think it was the right decision to withhold the titles and let it unfold on the evening. We had a variety:

  1. Steven Ramage, 1Spatial – “THE LANGUAGE OF BUSINESS” – mostly serious
  2. Addy Pope, EDINA – “Go-Geo! – a geo-information discovery tool and GeoDoc – a metadata creation and management tool.  What can they do for you?” – title length probably says why this didn’t work in this format
  3. Gary Gale, Yahoo! – ““Neo this” and “paleo that”, it’s all just “Geo” – worked overall, amusing but maybe not quite enough to say on each slide?
  4. Simon Lewis, MapJuice; John Fagan, Microsoft – “15 “geoweb” innovations since AGI Geocommunity 08” – competent but probably not memorable (ask me in a month’s time for the 15 innovations!)
  5. Ian Painter, Snowflaks – “Behind every great Neogeographer is a Paleotard” – I suspect audience vote for nailing it with a funny presentation with a well delivered payload. Certainly got my vote.
  6. Andrew Larcombe, Net Dojo – “Serious (geo) play, or ‘why we need to be open to innovate'” – message fine but not punchy enough in the delivery
  7. Chris Parker, Ordnance Survey – “Geovation” – presentation was fine but peculiar scheme…
  8. Chris Osborne, ITO World – Ito! – bombed. Pitch, not enough to say on each slide. 20 secs can be a long time…
  9. Mark Bishop, Chris McCartney, Tom Probert,  PBBI – geogags! Nah.
  10. Peter Batty, Spatial Networking – Queen Vanessa! And a hat.

This is a more difficult format that it first appears. 20 secs can be longer than some appreciated. And if you don’t go with a message, you need good gags.

We had a Geobingo winner, Andrew Newman of Natural England – congratulations! Personally I was just relieved that one of the cards came through…

Thanks go to: Hayley Merrill from 1Spatial for keeping the Geobingo scorecard, getting the cards out there, giving the prize, etc.; Steven Ramage for the Geobingo idea; Nick Summers for setting up the Twitterfall (Swisscom fail, though in extremis) & videoing; Chris Holcroft for loan of the PA kit; and the speakers for sticking their necks out on this.

I hope I’ll be the one to be back with this next year! And so to geobed, before chairing the not-the-keynotes-and-not-the-geoweb SDI stream first thing tomorrow. See you at 9:45.





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