AGI Soapbox ready to go

22 09 2009

Everything’s as ready as it can be for the Soapbox event at the AGI GeoCommunity conference tomorrow. I have 9 presentations loaded up from the following speakers:

  1. Steven Ramage, 1Spatial
  2. Addy Pope, EDINA
  3. Gary Gale, Yahoo!
  4. Simon Lewis, MapJuice; John Fagan, Microsoft
  5. Andrew Larcombe, Net Dojo
  6. Ian Holt, Chris Parker, Ordnance Survey
  7. Chris Osborne, ITO World
  8. Mark Bishop, Chris McCartney, Tom Probert,  PBBI
  9. Peter Batty, Spatial Networking

and we’ve filled the last-minute slot too – Ian Painter and Eddie Curtis from Snowflake will also present. Each presentation will last 5 minutes, comprising a fixed structure of 15 slides, 20 seconds a piece. The presentations are quite a mix: presentations on business communication, product pitches, barbed commentaries on the geo scene, and finally straightforward geo joke telling.

I suspect that the fixed format where presenters have no control over their slides once the presentation starts will prove quite a difficult style to master. 20 seconds a slide can be a long time or a really short time if you misjudge your timings… Who will fly, who will die? We’ll see tomorrow evening from 5:30 in the bar before the AGI party!

To add some additional audience interest we will also be running a game of bingo (Geobingo, in fact, brought to you from an original idea by 1Spatial) – geojargon spotting made fun, with a prize for the winner.

If you’re at the conference, you can give live feedback to the speakers through Twitter: we’ll have a Twitterfall of comments with the #geocom tag running during the Soapbox event. If you’re not at the conference (shame on you! 😉 you can get a feel for the event by following us on Twitter and we’ll try to upload at least the best presentations to YouTube.




2 responses

22 09 2009
Peter Batty

I think you should tell us the titles, have seen a few interesting ones flying around!

22 09 2009

I started to transcribe the titles but I think it’ll actually be more fun to have some of these come up fresh as the presentations go on. As you say though, there’s been some interesting discussions tagged with #geocom on Twitter ( …

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